Q: Why did you choose this building Richard?

A: This new build property built in a rural area in the county of Berkshire and has been designed to comply with Passivhaus principles, resulting in a low energy consuming property built with the latest low carbon emitting materials and services.

Q: What are the differences between this property and any other standard construction property?

A: Most modern standard properties are built to a level which runs on a value engineered approach, achieving perhaps only the minimum standards of heat losses and energy usage to keep initial costs low. This property has taken an opposite approach, where heat losses and energy usage have been put above an initial financial outlay.

Q: How does this affect the valuation and rebuild cost?

A: Building a Passivhaus standard property comes at a higher cost compared to standard build house. For an accurate insurance valuation unique factors need to be taken into account, including the different materials being used, such as highly insulated walls, roofs and floors; all using an eco-friendly Hempcrete material, air tight windows and doors and even recycled plastic roof tiles!

On top of all of these features you may also find higher labour rates, where a specialist team may need to be involved. All of which could lead to an overall cost per metre of around £3500 compared to a standard cost of around £1000 for a standard new build property.

Surveyor, Richard Payne.

Q: What do you do when you are not working?
A: When I’m not out and about on the roads of the UK visiting these varied and interesting properties I can be found hopelessly following my favourite team Portsmouth Football Club, followed by a brisk jog on the seafront or canal side to forget our latest result.

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