Q: Why did you chose this building?

A: It has been converted from a 19th Century library. It was interesting to see how an institutional space can be turned into luxury apartments.

Q: What would be the key concerns about rebuilding here?

A: Your main problem would be access. You can see that one flat is having works done and they have had to close the pavement, part of the road and fix a site office at first floor level. We always take into account the specifics of each site when putting together each assessment.

Q: What sort of value would this be to rebuild?

A: The interiors here are about the most expensive money can buy. The price per metre for an average three to four bedroom modern home would be say £1500 per Sq m. Here one would need to spend at least £10,000 per Sq m to replicate the client’s chosen interior design scheme.

Surveyor, Lorna Harrington.

Lorna Harrington Director of Barrett Corp and Harrington
Lorna Harrington BA(Hons) MA PG Dip Cons Hist Env (RICS)

Q: What do you do when you are not working?
A: I’m involved in my local theatre group and we put on amateur plays and musicals. I also do Nordic Walking which makes everyone laugh as it looks like cross country skiing without any snow!

Q: Why did you choose buildings insurance?
A: I initially studied History of Art and Architecture. I was looking for a job where I could use some of my knowledge and learn about business. I was working at Bonham’s and heard someone talking about art insurance…

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