Jack Batteson

Canada Water Library

Canada Water - a bronzed, hexagonal library that leans across a dock in south London by architects CZWG.

The key concern when rebuilding is the site location; this building structure leans right over Canada Water basin.

BCH Buildings Insurance Assessor Jack Batteson talks us through his Building of the Month.

Q: Why did you choose this building?

A: I chose this building as it was designed as ‘one of its kind’ and looks very futuristic. I saw this in passing last week, whilst on my way to an assessment of a mixed-use development in Rotherhithe.

Q: What would be the key concerns about rebuilding here?

A: The key concern when rebuilding is the site location; the structure leans right over Canada Water basin.

Situated beside a public square in the area of Canada Water, the four-storey building has a perforated facade of anodised aluminium and a green sedum roof.

Q: Interesting facts about this building?

A: As you can see, the external envelope is aluminium with sequined perforations and is shaped like an inverted pyramid, it cost £14 million and was completed in 2011.

It houses a 150-seat theatre on the ground floor and the library holds over 40,000 books.

It also boasts excellent ‘Green’ credentials, with a ground source heat pump and green sedum roof.

Q: If you could survey and assess any building in the world, which would you choose?

A: If I could choose to assess any building in the world it would be the Royal Albert Hall. It is one of my favourite concert venues and I have also worked there assisting artists’ performances.

Q: What do you do when you are not working?

A: My hobbies outside of work are music and sports. I play the guitar and enjoy travelling throughout London to attend gigs. I play in two 5-a-side football leagues and enjoy cycling and running. I like holidaying abroad.

Jack Batteson, Buildings Insurance Appraiser