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Apartment development in a prime central London location

This apartment development is a prime example of the high standard of finish and ample amenities included within new block developments in central London

The specific location was critical…

Q: Why did you choose this building Zoe?

A: This apartment development is a prime example of the high standard of finish and ample amenities included within new block developments in central London. The detailing both internally and externally is fabulous and carrying out this appraisal was a real pleasure.

Q: What would be the key concerns about rebuilding here?

A: This development was completed in 2011 and is a new build, behind a listed facade that was retained from a 19th century development. The property is also located within a conservation area.

These factors have a significant impact on the reinstatement cost, primarily due to the number of specialists that would have to be involved in the planning stages in the unfortunate event of a loss. These factors also impact on the assumed build programme itself.

The specific location of a building is very relevant to calculating the sum insured. An open site will always be cheaper to work on than one that is surrounded by other buildings, roads or public spaces. Although there is a front courtyard to the building, there are 3 floors of parking and leisure space beneath it. In the event of a partial loss, it is unlikely this deck could hold the wealth of commercial vehicles and site welfare facilities required to clear site, store materials and rebuild; requiring other arrangements to be made.

In the event of a total loss, the entire substructure would have to be demolished, removed and rebuilt so there would again be no space for any of the plant required for the rebuild within the boundaries of the property. This is not unusual for central London properties and again, additional work permits must be considered, as must site waste management plans. All of these elements have significant impact on the potential rebuild period and the final Sum Insured.

Q: Was there anything unusual you discovered during your appraisal?

A: There were a large number of leisure facilities on site here. Additionally the block employs 19 full time staff and additional contract staff so there is a proportionally higher number of circulation spaces, offices and amenities to be valued, such as the gym, pool, sauna, treatment rooms and the like.

BCH Surveyor, Zoe Davenport

Portrait of Zoe Davenport buildings insurance surveyor
Zoe Davenport

Q: What do you do when you are not working?

A: Presently the renovations of my own home take up a lot of my spare time. In August 2014 I took part in a Tough Mudder and I’m currently in training to complete a number of charity sports events throughout 2015, though I aim not to do a Tough Mudder again. I enjoy sailing and am fortunate to live in close proximity to the new Ben Ainsley Racing team HQ, so will be looking forward to Big Ben bringing the Americas Cup home to Britain!