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Benchmark - The data driven, desk-based service for building insurance eValuations


The average recommended increase made to the Reinstatement Value of a building found to be underinsured in 2023.

1 in 10

Only 1 in 10 UK buildings insurance policy holders were found to have an appropriate Reinstatement Value prior to a Reinstatement Valuation taking place in 2023.

The importance of an accurate buildings insurance valuation.

An accurate Reinstatement Valuation is the first step in best buildings insurance cover. Set too high and you could be overpaying for your insurance. Too low and you might not be appropriately covered in the event of a legitimate claim.

Recognising the importance of accessible, accurate Reinstatement Valuations, BCH created Benchmark eValuations, the data driven, desk-based service for buildings Reinstatement Valuations.

Benchmark, is powered by the BCH data set of attended RICS Compliant Reinstatement Cost Assessments and follows the same elemental valuation process, producing an accurate Reinstatement Valuation as unique as the building.

In 2023, BCH found 67% of instructions to be underinsured prior to a Reinstatement Valuation taking place.

We will aim to issue your eValuation report within 7 working days.

For more information or to discuss this further please email