BCH Response to Covid-19

At Barrett Corp and Harrington, we are continuing to monitor the status and risk of the ongoing pandemic listening to Government advice and the views of our clients. BCH maintains that it is imperative to protect our staff and customers even as restrictions continue to lift.

Generally, it is business as “new normal” for BCH but we will still review every case on its own merits to ensure that we are minimising any potential risk. If instructed to proceed with the survey, our surveyor will discuss with you our risk assessment and confirm the strategies to ensure a visit can be safely carried out.

Where site based Reinstatement Cost Assessments are not possible, our team would be happy to discuss with you some solutions to help you set your sum insured through our remote services where appropriate.

We will continue to follow Government advice and work with our clients to ensure all services offered are suitable and safe. If you have any questions related to any of our services or would like to discuss BCH’s response to Covid, please contact our office.

Martyn Barrett, Lorna Harrington & Mark Briggs.

Directors of BCH