Benchmark Validations – partnered with One Broker

Benchmark – The desk-based validation service designed by BCH to address the problem of underinsurance. Harnessing the cost information collated from over 50,000 fully compliant site-based BCH appraisals, Benchmark offers indicative sums for properties currently insured for less than £5million, without the requirement for a visit to the site.

The validations are carried out by BCH’s experienced surveyors who continue to regularly visit sites enabling them to apply their wide knowledge of building pathology and insurance principles to a Benchmark validation. The Benchmark process using BCH core, live data, together with the surveyor’s experience, result in the most accurate desk-based service on the market.

Without the need to arrange appointments or commute to sites, Benchmark can offer a fast, low-cost validation of a building sum insured.

Designed by BCH to address the major underinsurance problem in the properties insured below £5million by providing a more cost-effective, non-disruptive and quicker solution to a full, site-based Reinstatement Cost Assessment.

To request a Benchmark validation, simply complete and submit the form below. The process is simple and clear to follow, but if you have any questions whilst completing the form or would like to discuss the product, please call the BCH team on 01455 293510.

Benchmark One Broker Partner Request Form.

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