Barrett Corp & Harrington Ltd (BCH) is a RICS Regulated Company, providing professional and reliable building insurance rebuilding cost valuations across the UK and Europe.

Our services include full RICS Compliant, Reinstatement Cost Assessments (RCAs), desk-based Major Reviews and Revisits following full RCAs and where appropriate, Benchmark e-Valuations requiring no site visit.

With our team of around 30 directly employed, experienced Buildings Insurance Surveyors, we strive to offer the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for building insurance valuations, in the flats, commercial and residential markets.

Every assessment is as unique as the property assessed and services can be tailored to the requirements of specific insurance policies.

We’re an affiliate member of ARMA and the Directors contribute advice to the BCIS (Building Cost Information Service), the RICS Group for the Professional Guidance Note for RCAs (2011 and 2018) on reinstatement cost assessments, together with the BCIS Heritage Data Steering Committee.


BCH is a privately-owned business, founded in 2006 by Lorna Harrington, Roger Corp and Martyn Barrett who brought together the disciplines of insurance, loss adjusting and quantity surveying. This unique blend of expertise is considered essential for a practice offering a service into this very specialist and niche area of surveying.

With this experience, came the knowledge of the importance of an accurate appraisal to protect all parties at the time of major loss, borne out of insight into the potential catastrophic effects of underinsurance.

All stakeholders in the insurance purchase; property owner, agents, brokers and insurers want insurance to work, when it is needed most, and our rebuilding cost valuation services are a crucial part of the process.

Over the last 15 years, BCH has carried out over 50,000 RCAs and has identified that 80% of properties were underinsured.

Our Mission

It is our mission to advise and provide our customers with the most professional and suitable method for establishing a correct rebuild value for their property insurance cover.
In doing so, we aim to help reduce the level of underinsured properties across the UK.

Underinsurance means, that if a valid claim is made, it is likely that an insurance policy will only pay out an amount proportional to the value that the property is underinsured or be avoided altogether if the risk was unfairly presented – leaving a property owner open to significant financial loss.

Together with insurers and brokers, we want to help prevent this.