Read this dissertation by Lorna Harrington submitted for a RICS Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation of the Historic Environment.

Reinstatement cost methodology for historic buildings

The development of a methodology to present reinstatement costs for historic and/or listed buildings, with particular reference to family dwellings.

A review of the current insurance market for domestic residences will be looked at specifically in relation to historic and listed buildings.

The number of dwellings that are currently listed and those that are considered historic, but not specifically listed, will be reviewed.

Case studies of listed buildings damaged by fire will be analysed with reference to the insurance arrangements and the adequacy, or otherwise, of the pre-loss buildings sums insured.

A detailed study of the BCIS Guide to House Rebuilding Costs will be carried out in reference to its suitability to be used for valuations of historic dwellings.

In light of the current lack of an ‘off the shelf’ rebuilding cost guide specifically intended for historic and listed buildings, the possible different methodologies available for a nationally available database of reinstatement rates stated in £ per m2 will then be analysed and discussed.

It is explained why the introduction of a database for historic and listed buildings is a fundamental need in the protection of the historic environment.

In conclusion, recommendations for the favoured methodology will be presented and the different options for funding such a project will be discussed.

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