Reinstatement cost assessments for commercial properties

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From factories and football stadiums, doctor’s surgeries to dock walls and castles to corporate headquarters, we’ve built a reputation on our strong knowledge of all building types when valuing.

We realise commercial properties differ hugely, and that’s why on each commercial valuation 95 factors are taken into account.

Most assessments will probably require an on-site inspection to accurately take note of the building materials, measurements and evaluate specifics.

This assessment is all-encompassing and can often include inspection and reporting on a wide range of properties of differing size, type and use incorporating complex structures and installations.

We believe a tailored approach means that we ensure we look into everything that’s right for you.

  • Market Analysis
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Our surveys show 81% of commercial properties across the UK are only insured for 61% of their actual value.

The risk of underinsurance is real.

Should a property be under insured, the insurers are not obligated to pay the full costs required to reinstate the building.

They are likely to apply the Condition of Average Clause, whereby the amount of claim is reduced proportionally to the value of under insurance.

The Property Owner may lose their asset and the tenants may lose their demise. Should this occur, the property owner or managing agents (where appointed), will be liable for any shortfall in the insurance settlement.

A scenario most Commercial Property owners would compromising, especially when it could have been so easily avoided.

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Why is an expert appraisal so important?

Commercial Property Storage
Valuations based on average prices will not always account for the actual use of Commercial Property.

When looking at industrial units, huge variances can exist behind similar external appearances.

For example — the presence of mezzanine levels holding offices with appropriate heating and lighting will change the overall value significantly when compared to a building that is largely used as a storage facility and not sub-divided in any way.

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  • RCA Commercial Property
An RCA by BCH covers 31 categories and 83 items.

A compliant buildings insurance appraisal.

A Reinstatement Cost Assessment from BCH has been developed over more than 10 years of practical application to over 50,000 properties.

Making a buildings insurance appraisal from BCH one of the most dependable on the market.

BCH Reinstatement Cost Assessments are RICS compliant.
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