Insurance risk assessment for high net worth homes

Insurance risk assessments for private homes

Insurance risk assessment for residential homes

Barrett Corp & Harrington work directly for a number of leading insurers providing insurance risk assessments and surveys for their high net worth clients.

We tailor our private client appraisals to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Appraisals typically include:

  • A Reinstatement Cost Assessment
  • A review of the current level of general contents cover
  • A security assessment Fire protection assessment
  • Commentary on storm, flood and subsidence risk

Expert risk assessment

Insurance Risk Assessments Survey for private homes
Who will hear the fire alarm and respond appropriately?
Insurance Risk Assessments Survey for security at private homes
Is the lock suitable for a final exit door of the property?
Insurance Risk Assessments Survey for residential property
A weak perimeter fence can leave the property exposed.
Insurance Risk Assessments security
Is the safe within an alarmed area of the client's home?

There are many factors that will affect an insurance valuation for high net worth properties — our specialised surveyors will be fully conversant with these scenarios.

We have surveyors who specialise in insurance risk assessments for private homes, please call us on 01455 293510 or contact via , the BCH office team will be happy to answer your query.