COVID-19 Directive (12th May 2020)

At BCH the health and wellbeing of our customers, employees and partners is of the utmost importance. Given the current situation with COVID-19, we believe that site visits can still be safely carried out provided that the following steps and processes are carried out:

• Upon either, instruction of a case, or during the booking of the visit, we will be asking all customer’s, or anyone within their household/premise to confirm if they have travelled to any areas affected, during the last 14 days, or if anyone with them has been affected by COVID-19 in any way.

• We would also ask that all customers inform us of any changes in the situation, before the date of our visit.

• When arranging our appointment, our surveyors have been told:

· To request access rather than receiving a greeting at the door
· Call clients on arrival so entry points can be opened

•  When carrying out an assessment on-site, our surveyors have been instructed to:

· Call the client on arrival

· Carry out external measurements without, where safety permits, being accompanied

· Access the internal areas of properties only where permission has been granted and direct human contact can be minimised

· They will not conduct questions during their visit and will save these for a phone call at a later date or time

· Surveyors will not approach any other people during their visit

· If at any point they feel uncomfortable with the circumstance, they have been advised to notify the office and leave the site immediately

•  Where internal access was not permitted, or where we are unable to gain entry, we may ask you to provide internal photographs and answer specification questions and email these to us at a later date.

•  All of our staff are being kept up to date with the latest advice on COVID-19, and we currently have procedures in place, to ensure that any staff member likely to be at risk will self-isolate.

•  Should you wish us not to attend, we can either delay your valuation or alternatively we can complete as much as possible remotely and then attend at a later date to “rubber stamp” or adjust our work, once things have settled down.

Download the BCH COVID-19 Directive here